Tanner J Perry


Born in Chicago, Illinois, raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Tanner has loved film all of his life. His father has been working in film and entertainment all of Tanner's life, thus his interest and dedication to his work. He spends most of his time writing new screenplays and doing his best to make them come to life. Tanner started SpiderBite when he and a few friends started making films together.


Vlad Calin


Born in Bucharest, Romania, raised in Los Angeles, California, Vlad has loved performing ever since he was young. With his passion for the arts, Vlad was involved with theatre throughout all years of his high school experience, including being part of Thespian Troupe #4518 and being elected President of La Jolla High School's Drama Club, all under the mentorship of Marjorie Mae Treger. This high school is where he met Tanner, as they both worked in on-stage productions together. Vlad would later on begin to assist Tanner in short films and other projects. Vlad is not only part of the crew, but is frequently in our films, as well.

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Noah Wilson


Born in Colorado, raised in San Diego, Noah was raised in the arts. Raised by Theatre Professor John Wilson and Costume designer/coordinator Sue Makkoo, he's been around theatre all his life. Noah, a playwright himself, met both Tanner and Vlad through high school theatre, in which the two acted in a play written by Noah. The three have remained friends ever since and now work together at SpiderBite. Noah is the newest addition to the SpiderBite team and frequent collaborator of the company long before his addition.